Lincolnshire Neurological Alliance

The Lincolnshire Neurological Alliance is an association of people and voluntary organisations with an interest in people with a neurological condition, based in Lincolnshire, working together in pursuit of our aims and objectives which are:

To Care

LNA are open to all with a neurological condition, families, carers and health care professionals. Instead of trying to cope on your own, LNA is here to support you.

To Represent

It is essential that the breadth of neurological conditions are represented, including the rarer ones. So if you have a few hours to spare, please get in touch.

To Work Together

By bringing together people with different neurological conditions, we can inform the development of services and a number of reports for future services.

To Improve

Our aim is to develop better understanding, resources and services in Lincolnshire. We are a charity, run by and involving people with a connection to neurological conditions.

The LNA now have pocket-sized information booklets available (passports) for you to fill in with details of your own condition, how it affects you and the medication you need to take.

The booklets are designed to help you when asked to give information to doctors and other health care professionals.

Feedback received includes "it's easy to give someone a list of my medication, when it's written down in front of me" and "on days when it's difficult to talk, I can give the nurse my booklet, she can read about my condition".

If you have a neurological condition, think that a booklet would be useful and would like a copy, please contact us

The internal format of the passports were created by volunteers from Neuro Key, working name of TVDNY Neurological Alliance (reg charity no 1119043). The cover design is by Drive-by Design 01775 761512.

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